Quick! From Island Vacationer to Paradise Owner….

Marco Beach Condo Line

With a sudden rise in inventory and price reductions coming to pass right now I believe it could be a brief buyers market in Southwest Florida.

When we were rolling up on season here in the Marco Island and Naples areas it felt like there was a shortage of property to show to a potential buyer when they came to visit and contemplate buying a home.  As just a few months passed our potential property list grew and prices were at top dollar.

Now, with season in full swing and the amount of unsold homes and condominiums that were listed in the past 5-6 months are still on the market prices are being reduced by the day.  I do not believe this will last long so if there is a question of whether buying is a must, now could be the perfect time.

Sellers are still not willing to give their homes away but a lot of them seem to be more reasonable with pricing and listening to suggestion of not going overboard with the top dollar mentality.  It takes two to tango so they say and buyers are smarter than ever with internet tools they use to determine if they think the ‘deal’ is right for them.

A good Real Estate Agent is still so very important when discussing the possibility of writing a contract to make a real estate purchase.  Local agents know the ins and outs of their neighborhoods and can assist a buyer or a seller in making the correct decisions on getting a home bought or sold.

If you have questions, want to view properties or want to list a home contact a local Marco Island / Naples agent who is committed to helping you.  Real Estate agents are in business to protect their clients.  Take advantage!

The Southwest Florida area of Marco Island was named in the Top 10 U.S. Island Destinations by Trip Advisor 2014.  Many travel to Marco Island and Naples to vacation for the first time and decide they must have a place of their very own!  Check the real estate listings for sale by simply clicking this link.

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