Have The Vacations you want without having to pay a Fortune for taking them!


The majority of all of us live a very fast paced lifestyle that requires more things to get done than we really have time for. Consequently, because of this, it is ourselves that we no longer fully take care of. Planning for a vacation is a great way to praise yourself for your hard work as well as have some time to relax. Many people think they can’t afford a vacation, but with some time spent looking into various aspects of things it is very possible to take the getaway you want without having to pay a bundle of money for it.


First, you may need to decide where you want to travel and accumulate all the information about getting there and the available attractions. In the event that you need transportation to arrive at your destination you may have various options. Many people think getting a package deal vacation that includes air travel, hotel, and a local rental car is the best approach to take and the best option.  In many circumstances it can be but it’s not always the way to go.  It will depend on the individual specials that are available.


By way of example, my husband and I wanted to take our kids to Disney. Yet the cost was several thousand dollars for the round trip flight, hotel, passes to the theme parks, and a rental car. {All of us seriously considered going somewhere different but chose to see what our options were first. We found that it was almost $300 every head to fly to California and back.


However, we found round trip plane tickets to Las Vegas for $99 per person. We rented our car from that airport instead and drove the remaining 4 1/2 hours to California. With a family of five, we salvaged over $1, 000 of the price tag just driving back and forth. This definitely allowed us to be able to take the exact getaway we wanted on the budget we had available.  We also got a sightseeing adventure packed in!



If you could schedule your getaway on the off season for the desired region you will easily save a great deal of money. Common holiday spots like Hawaii, Jamaica and the Bahamas are more expensive in the summer time. Yet they are absolutely stunning even in the winter and half the price. Traveling on weekdays rather than the weekend will also save you money. Typically your hotel room will increase by at least $40 every night if you stay in it on Friday or Saturday night.


Cruise Vacations have become a favorite type of vacation because there is a great deal to do on a cruise ship and you don’t have to drive to do it. It also allows you to start enjoying the trip as soon as you arrive on the ship so that you really have more time to relax and get started on the real vacation. The majority of cruise packages are all inclusive. This means that all of your meals, lodging, and activities on the ship are covered.  No wallet…no problem!


It can save you money by choosing a port to leave from that is relatively close so that you can get to it quickly and without much extra travel expense. You will likely have to drive or to fly to the port location if you don’t have one nearby. Understand which amenities are offered on the cruise.  In the event that you find you will not use many of them, then search for a cruise that offers exactly what you will enjoy and book it.  By doing this in advance you are only paying for what you want to be doing during your vacation.


Another good way to save a considerable amount of money on a cruise vacation is to down grade your lodging area. Most people don’t spend very much time in their room while on a luxury cruise ship anyway, therefore it is silly to pay for the most luxurious room when you won’t be there most of the time. You can get a smaller but comfortable room for approximately half of the price.


When the moment comes to conserve money for vacations, if your travel dates are flexible you will likely put aside plenty of money. This is one of the better ideas, should your schedule allow for it. Most airline carriers, cruise lines, and hotels would prefer to offer the space at a reduced price than to have it remain empty. The internet is a good option to find these bargains last minute, especially if you live in an area where a port is near.  A last minute cruise can save you a ton of money if you are located in the right place and grab it at the right time.


Enjoy the vacation and save as much as you can!

Birthdays at Disney Family Packages

Birthdays At Disney are Fun for Everyone

If you want to celebrate your birthday, or the birthday
of a child at Disneyland, you can easily do this – and
it doesn’t even have to be done on the exact date of
birth! Start celebrating by going to City Hall, which is
located in Town Square, upon your arrival to
Disneyland. Here, you will receive a Birthday Sticker
or button. This sticker tells everyone on at Disneyland
that you are to receive special treatment.

On your birthday celebration day, make sure that
you eat in one of the full service restaurants, and that
you order the Birthday Bucket. It will be full of
Disney treats, and it includes a cake. This costs
around twenty dollars. Eat breakfast at Goofy’s
Kitchen and you can get a Birthday Bag for five


There are many ways to enjoy your birthday at
Disneyland. You will receive special treatment from
all of the Disney Characters in the park. This can be
a memorable birthday celebration for you or your
child – so make sure you take lots of pictures, and
don’t be shy about telling people who work at the
park that it is your birthday – if they don’t notice
your sticker!

Many families stay on site and ride the trains to the attractions. No one has to worry about driving, parking or anything for that matter. You have a few choices of ways to get ‘to the park’. Some families enjoy a river boat ride with fireworks in the evening to celebrate meeting Mickey on their birthday. Whichever you choose Disney is an adventure whether it is your first time….or you have been one hundred times. Make your plans today and discount resorts can’t be beat!


Cold Water Scuba Diving Retreat

When you talk about scuba diving it generally brings to mind the image of some exotic tropical dive location in the warm waters of Australia or the isles of the Caribbean, but the United Kingdom has a number of exciting dive spots just waiting to be explored by divers like yourself if you can make a good time in colder water diving.  The sights are wonderful…

One of the greatest spots to do some diving is in the U.K. and located in Scotland, in the Sound of Mull. The Sound of Mull is located between the Isle of Mull and the Morven Peninsula. It is an extremely popular destination for all divers in general because it offers an unparalleled range of diving in very reasonable conditions.

The area is cursed with bad weather, which has resulted in countless shipwrecks over the years so there are many different sites to swim. Most dives in the area are launched from Tobermory, Lochaline, or Oban. The Hispania is, by far, one of the most popular wrecks in the area, due to the fact that it is still relatively intact and greatly populated with marine life. It is shallow enough to get a good long dive in, and visibility is generally very good unless the water is rough on a windy day.

Another phenomenal dive spot is located on the south coast of England, in the waters of Sussex.  The Alaunia, a steamship sunk by a German mine in 1916, is one of the more popular diving destinations on the Southern coast.  The wreck has broken apart over the years but there are still significant parts of the ship left intact that are interesting enough to draw a crowd.  Be on the lookout for a series of portholes to help navigate the site.  If you can manage to find the bridge area, you can still see that  the anchor still hanging from its chain in the original spot it has been since the wreck.  There is a lot of ground to cover in this dive so it would take a few separate trips to explore the entire ship.  Shoals of bib, spider crabs, and massive lobsters are sure to keep you entertained.  See if you can spot a dead man’s fingers while you are down there.

Another extremely popular dive is located near Plymouth, where the wreck of the steamship Maine found its final resting place.  It can be found approximately a mile off Bolt Head.  This wreck was highly noticeable for a number of years, as the masts of the ship broke the surface of the water and you were able to see right where the ship lay. The wreck has since been cleared of its mast, with most of the debris swept to its port side mostly for safety reasons.  It rests in water that is approximately 30 meters deep.  The ship had been torpedoed in March of 1917 and, after a great effort of rescue took place, the ship came to rest in waters within easy reach from Salcombe. While this would be an amazing exploration for any diver, it is not recommended for novice divers due to the strong currents. There is a good amount of sea life, and this destination is sure please anyone who visits.

Next time we can explore some warm water destinations where the wrecks are not as plentiful as the wreaths.

Quick! From Island Vacationer to Paradise Owner….

With a sudden rise in inventory and price reductions coming to pass right now I believe it could be a brief buyers market in Southwest Florida.

When we were rolling up on season here in the Marco Island and Naples areas it felt like there was a shortage of property to show to a potential buyer when they came to visit and contemplate buying a home.  As just a few months passed our potential property list grew and prices were at top dollar.

Now, with season in full swing and the amount of unsold homes and condominiums that were listed in the past 5-6 months are still on the market prices are being reduced by the day.  I do not believe this will last long so if there is a question of whether buying is a must, now could be the perfect time.

Sellers are still not willing to give their homes away but a lot of them seem to be more reasonable with pricing and listening to suggestion of not going overboard with the top dollar mentality.  It takes two to tango so they say and buyers are smarter than ever with internet tools they use to determine if they think the ‘deal’ is right for them.

A good Real Estate Agent is still so very important when discussing the possibility of writing a contract to make a real estate purchase.  Local agents know the ins and outs of their neighborhoods and can assist a buyer or a seller in making the correct decisions on getting a home bought or sold.

If you have questions, want to view properties or want to list a home contact a local Marco Island / Naples agent who is committed to helping you.  Real Estate agents are in business to protect their clients.  Take advantage!

The Southwest Florida area of Marco Island was named in the Top 10 U.S. Island Destinations by Trip Advisor 2014.  Many travel to Marco Island and Naples to vacation for the first time and decide they must have a place of their very own!  Check the real estate listings for sale by simply clicking this link.

Ciao for Now!